2 minutes walk from Subway Line 2 SinDaebang Station

Welcome to this guesthouse, a cozy accommodation filled with nostalgic memories from the host’s childhood spent with parents. Located within a 2-3 minute walk from Subway Line 2 Sin Daebang Station, our residence offers convenient access to popular Seoul attractions in both Gangnam (Gangnam, Jamsil) and Gangbuk (Hongdae, Hapjeong, Mangwon, Myeongdong, etc.). The proximity to the subway station allows you to quickly return to the accommodation after concluding your travel itinerary.

Our modern bathrooms and soft ambient lighting throughout the interiors create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Feel free to customize the lighting to create the desired ambiance. For moments of relaxation during an extended journey, the accommodation provides the latest IPTV and Netflix services.

Organic Homemade Breakfast:
While staying in our cozy rooms featuring a comfortable bedroom, a small kitchen for reheating meals, a cozy living room for light meals and conversations, and a clean bathroom, enjoy the option of an organic homemade breakfast.

Convenient Transportation:
Situated very close to the subway station, you can easily wrap up your travel plans and return to the accommodation promptly.

Cultural Experiences:
Immerse yourself in the local culture and surroundings, creating memories that go beyond typical tourist experiences.

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