a unique and artistic stay located in Gwanghwamun

Welcome to this guesthouse, a unique and artistic stay located in Gwanghwamun. This haven, created by various talented artists, is like a masterpiece encompassing a dining room, living room, outdoor bathtub, and more. Embrace the charm of traditional Korean aesthetics with a motif inspired by the scholars of the past.


  • Two bedrooms with king-size beds
  • Cozy dining room with seating for five
  • Comfortable living room equipped with a beam projector for music, movies, and TV
  • Dedicated space for quiet relaxation with a traditional Korean vibe
  • Outdoor large bathtub for year-round rejuvenation

Organic Homemade Breakfast:
Immerse yourself in a delightful dining experience with organic homemade breakfast options, ensuring a delicious start to your day.

Convenient Transportation:
Situated near Anguk Station, our stay provides easy access to convenient transportation, making your travel experience seamless.

Cultural Experiences:
Experience the essence of Korean culture in our thoughtfully designed Hanok, offering a dignified space for a quiet and sophisticated retreat. Perfect for families, friends, and guests of all ages.

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