Anjeonggung Tourist Hanok Pension

Welcome to 안정궁관광한옥펜션 (Anjeonggung Tourist Hanok Pension), a unique traditional Korean guesthouse nestled on the slopes of Beakbangsan Mountain in Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong, known as the “Naples of the East.” Our hanok, constructed using traditional methods with high-quality yellow clay, offers breathtaking views of the Hansando Archipelago and provides a fusion of natural aesthetics and modern living patterns.

Our accommodations feature 8 rooms, each meticulously crafted with pure pine and yellow clay. The eco-friendly design incorporates yellow clay far-infrared ceramic beds, yellow clay bedding, pillows, wooden tables, and more, immersing you in the comforting scents and health benefits of nature during your stay.

Organic Homemade Breakfast:
Start your day right with our organic homemade breakfast, thoughtfully prepared for your enjoyment.

Convenient Transportation:
Located in Tongyeong, our guesthouse is easily accessible by public transportation and offers pick-up services for your convenience.

Cultural Experiences:
Explore the surrounding natural beauty and engage in cultural activities like hiking, swimming in the eco-friendly pool, walking along scenic trails, and enjoying barbecues or playing volleyball.

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