approximately 10 minutes from Gupabal Station

Welcome to this guesthouse, nestled at the foot of Bukhansan Mountain in Eunpyeong, Seoul. Our hanok (traditional Korean house) is designed in harmony with nature, utilizing eco-friendly materials to create a space that reflects the natural flow of the environment. Experience the tranquility of hanok living and immerse yourself in nature during your stay at this accommodation.

Our 2nd-floor guest room offers a blend of traditional and modern features, providing a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The room includes a nureongi (Korean-style attic), allowing guests to enjoy panoramic views of Bukhansan and Mangkongi Wetland. The hanok features a separate sitting area where guests can gather for conversation and tea. The room and bathroom are separated from the host’s living space for added privacy.

Organic Homemade Breakfast:
Start your day with a delightful breakfast served in our dining room with the best views. Our breakfast includes open bagel sandwiches, pumpkin porridge, seasonal fruits, yogurt, and coffee. The dining space, typically closed to the public, opens exclusively during breakfast hours.

Convenient Transportation:
Located within Eunpyeong’s Hanok Village, this guesthouse is easily accessible by bus, approximately 10 minutes from Gupabal Station and Yeonsinnae Station. Experience the charm of traditional hanok living within the picturesque surroundings.

Cultural Experiences:
Enhance your stay with our hanok picnic program, offering a snack box upon check-in with treats like injeolmi croffles, cream cheese dried persimmons, and rooibos tea. Participate in various activities, including photo drawing events and hanok indoor morning yoga. Make memories and enjoy a unique cultural experience during your stay.

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