Create Your Signature Scent with our Hair Perfume One-Day Class! – ₩60,000

Price: ₩60,000 per Adult

Discover the art of fragrance at Xindong Candle Fragrance Workshop’s Hair Perfume One-Day Trial Course. Immerse yourself in the world of scent creation with our alcohol-free hair perfume, meticulously crafted with cosmetic ingredients for a low-irritation, mild, and soft fragrance. The experience extends beyond just creating a hair perfume; it’s about curating your own unique scent journey.

What to Expect:

  • Origin Story: Join us, a group of passionate Taiwanese entrepreneurs who ventured into Seoul, South Korea, during the challenges of the new crown epidemic. Our journey began with candle craftsmanship, evolving into the enchanting realm of fragrance mixing.
  • Certified Fragrance: Our Hair Perfume Course utilizes cosmetic raw materials and professional-grade fragrances from a renowned Korean brand, certified by the International Fragrance and Fragrance Association (IFRA).
  • Spice Exploration: Engage your senses with a selection of 30 spices curated for each course (spices change with the seasons), allowing you to craft a truly unique and personalized fragrance.
  • Record Your Experience: Document and cherish your aromatic adventure as you create your signature hair perfume. Share your excitement and creativity as you embark on this olfactory journey.

Safety First:
Rest easy knowing our alcohol-free formulation ensures a safe experience for all. Feel free to use the perfume not only on your hair but also on your scalp and clothes without worrying about contamination.

Select Your Experience Date and Package Type:

  • Choose the Hair Perfume One-Day Trial Course and set the date for a delightful fragrance adventure!

Join us at Xindong Candle Fragrance Workshop and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with your own bespoke hair perfume!

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