Discover the Art of Makgeolli Making in Seoul: A Spirited Adventure

Seoul, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, is becoming a hub for a unique and delightful experience—making your own makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine. This hands-on activity has gained immense popularity among locals and even foreign tourists, seeking to immerse themselves in the art of crafting this iconic beverage.

Unveiling the Makgeolli Craze

As the interest in makgeolli continues to soar, traditional venues like the Korean Traditional Liquor Research Institute and other locations across the country offer engaging workshops to enthusiasts. From families to foreign tourists, the allure of brewing your own makgeolli has captivated a diverse audience.

One such platform contributing to this makgeolli fever is the comprehensive activity life reservation platform, Kstay. Kstay seamlessly connects eager participants with these engaging workshops, providing an authentic taste of Korean culture. For those looking to explore more options, the social platform for foreign exchange students, Kikinestay, offers a unique perspective on local living.

Brewing Bonds with Makgeolli

Attendees of these workshops not only learn the intricate process of making makgeolli but also gain insights into Korean culinary traditions. Participants, like Mrs. Lim Jae (46), who travels weekly from her home in Gyeonggi Province, express the joy of creating a drink loved by their families. The hands-on experience, from washing rice to gauging fermentation, adds a personal touch to the entire process.

Kim Sun-hee, a representative of the Korean Traditional Liquor Research Institute, notes a 20% increase in inquiries about makgeolli workshops. This surge is indicative of the growing fascination with the beverage, transcending beyond its traditional perception.

Makgeolli’s Global Appeal

The makgeolli trend isn’t confined to locals; it has become a magnet for foreign tourists seeking an authentic Korean experience. At the San Sa Won venue in Gyeonggi Province, the number of reservations for makgeolli workshops has risen by an impressive 150%. Interestingly, diverse participants, including not only families but also international visitors, contribute to the vibrant atmosphere.

For Christopher Choi (25), a recent graduate from the United States, the allure of traditional Korean liquor sparked his interest. He shares, “The process of brewing, the unique aroma, and the varying tastes depending on fermentation—all of it is captivating.” Choi emphasizes the meticulousness involved in brewing, setting Korean makgeolli apart from other international beverages.

Beyond the Glass: Makgeolli Creativity

Makgeolli’s influence extends beyond a mere drink. Enthusiasts are experimenting with colorful cocktails, makgeolli vinegar, and even makgeolli ice cream. Mrs. Lee Ji-eun (34) from Gangnam raves about her husband’s newfound hobby, adding her own twist with makgeolli vinegar mixed with ice.

As the makgeolli wave intensifies, experts like Kim Mi-hyang, Director of the Makgeolli Globalization Research Institute in Busan, welcome the interest but caution against overstated health claims. She assures that while makgeolli contains higher levels of the compound panesol, credited with potential anti-cancer properties, viewing it as a cure or prevention for cancer is exaggerated.

Preserving Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Despite the surge in interest, Director Park Rok-dam of the Korean Traditional Liquor Research Institute emphasizes the need to recognize makgeolli as a refined beverage. He suggests elevating the perception beyond a “cheap” or “ordinary” drink, urging a shift towards embracing makgeolli as a world-class beverage.

In the heart of Seoul, the makgeolli-making phenomenon continues to flourish, offering locals and foreigners alike a sip into Korea’s rich cultural heritage. The workshops, facilitated by platforms like Kstay, not only foster a love for makgeolli but also provide an authentic glimpse into the soul of Korean traditions. As the makgeolli revolution unfolds, it’s clear that the spirit of this unique drink is leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

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