Explore the Exciting World of Korean Variety Shows on KStay: A Comprehensive Guide to 2024 Netflix Originals

Welcome to KStay, your ultimate platform for experiencing the best of Hallyu and embracing daily life in Korea. In collaboration with KStay and its affiliated community platform, KikiStay Dormitory, we present a sneak peek into the highly anticipated 2024 Netflix Original Korean Variety Shows lineup. Get ready to be entertained by a diverse range of shows that cater to every taste!

2024 Netflix Original Korean Variety Shows Lineup:

“성+인물: 네덜란드, 독일편” (Adults: Netherlands, Germany Edition) – Season 3

  • Genre: Talk Variety
  • Cast: Shin Dong-yeop, Sung Si-kyung, and more
  • Release Date: February 20, 2024
  • Synopsis: Join Shin Dong-yeop and Sung Si-kyung as they explore the diverse sexual cultures of the Netherlands and Germany, engaging in candid interviews and firsthand experiences. Exciting moments include Sung Si-kyung’s retirement announcement and Europeans practicing yoga and table tennis in the nude. [Insert KStay and KikiStay Dormitory connections and recommendations for viewers interested in Korean lifestyle experiences.]

“피지컬:100” (Physical: 100) – Season 2

  • Genre: Survival Reality
  • Release Date: March 19, 2024
  • Synopsis: Embark on an intense survival game as 100 participants, including Kim Dong-hyun and other renowned figures, push their physical limits to find the perfect physique. With a set twice the size of the first season, expect a thrilling competition and a more diverse range of participants. [Highlight KStay’s dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activities.]

“미스터리 수사단” (Mystery Investigation Team) – Season 1

  • Genre: Mystery, Crime, Reality
  • Cast: Lee Yong-jin, John Park, Lee Eun-ji, Lee Hye-ri, Kim Do-hoon, Karina
  • Release Date: 2024 Q2
  • Synopsis: Witness the adventures of the “Mystery Investigation Team,” a group of rookies solving extraordinary cases using unpredictable methods. Anticipate engaging storylines and the debut of Karina and Kim Do-hoon in a fixed variety show. [Connect KStay’s commitment to fostering a sense of community through events and activities.]

“슈퍼리치 이방인” (Super Rich Foreigners) – Season 1

  • Genre: Reality
  • Cast: Jo Se-ho, Bambam, Mimi
  • Release Date: April 2024
  • Synopsis: Peek into the secretive and glamorous lives of the top 1% millionaires residing in Korea who love K-culture. Featuring casting sensations like Singaporean millionaire David Yong and Korea’s Paris Hilton, this reality show promises an exclusive look into their extravagant daily routines. [Emphasize KStay’s role in connecting foreigners with local cultures.]

“더 인플루언서” (The Influencers) – Season 1

  • Genre: Survival Reality
  • Cast: Various YouTubers
  • Release Date: 2024 Q3
  • Synopsis: Watch 77 of Korea’s top influencers compete in a survival challenge to determine the most influential individual. With a mega-cast of YouTubers, this show is akin to the YouTube version of “My Little Television.” [Highlight KStay’s dedication to showcasing diverse aspects of Korean entertainment.]

“무명요리사” (Anonymous Chef) – Season 1

  • Genre: Survival Reality
  • Cast: Baek Jong-won
  • Release Date: 2024 Q3
  • Synopsis: From Michelin-starred chefs to home cooks, witness 100 individuals compete solely based on taste to determine Korea’s top chef. Experience Netflix Korea’s first-ever cooking survival show with the reliable Baek Jong-won. [Connect with KStay’s culinary experiences and recommendations.]

“솔로지옥” (Solo Hell) – Season 4

  • Genre: Dating, Reality
  • Cast: To be announced
  • Release Date: 2024 Q4
  • Synopsis: Locked on a remote island where only couples can escape, Solo Hell returns with its fourth season. Expect intense and candid dating scenarios as participants vie for a chance to leave the island with their chosen partner. [Encourage KStay’s audience to join in the excitement of Solo Hell.]

“좀비버스” (Zombie Bus) – Season 2

  • Genre: Horror, Reality Variety
  • Cast: Dex and others
  • Release Date: 2024 Q4
  • Synopsis: Dex and fellow survivors must navigate a world turned into a zombie universe, completing quests to survive. With confirmed appearances from Season 1 survivors, brace yourself for upgraded challenges and diverse zombie abilities. [Engage KStay followers in a thrilling journey through the world of Zombie Bus.]

From exploring diverse cultures to surviving zombie apocalypses, the 2024 Netflix Original Korean Variety Shows promise entertainment for every taste. Stay tuned for the latest updates, and don’t miss the chance to enhance your Korean experience with KStay and KikiStay Dormitory. For an immersive journey into Korean lifestyles and entertainment, KStay is your go-to platform!


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