Hallim Park Jeju Ticket – ₩8,900 ~


  • Adult (19 yrs and above): ₩14,800
  • Youth (13-18 yrs): ₩9,900
  • Child (3-12 yrs): ₩8,900
    (Children under 3 years old enter for free with valid ID or relevant documents for proof of age)

Get ready for an unforgettable journey through Hallim Park, the ultimate destination for fun and exploration on Jeju Island! Embark on a captivating adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes, vibrant floral displays, and fascinating attractions that will leave you in awe.

Why Choose Hallim Park?

  • All-in-One Experience: Discover a myriad of attractions all in one place, making it the perfect destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.
  • Enchanting Caves: Explore the mystical Hyeopjaegul cave, renowned for its unique stalactite formations, and venture into the extraordinary Ssangyonggul cave, hailed as the only two-dimensional cave in the world.
  • Year-Round Flower Festival: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with a spectacular flower festival that showcases a dazzling array of seasonal and exotic blooms throughout the year.
  • Diverse Attractions: From the enchanting Jeju folk village to the exhilarating children’s amusement park and outdoor resort facilities, Hallim Park offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t Miss Out!
Experience the magic of Hallim Park and create unforgettable memories amidst the stunning scenery and thrilling attractions of Jeju Island. Book your tickets now and let the adventure begin!

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