Hongdae Personal Color One Day Make-up Class – ₩ 125,000 ~

Price: ₩250,000 for 2 People

Embark on a vibrant journey of self-discovery and beauty enhancement with our Hongdae Personal Color One Day Make-up Class! Perfect for those curious about personal color and makeup, this immersive experience is designed to make your beauty routine a breeze.

Why Choose This Class?

  • Discover Your Personal Color: Uncover the shades that complement your unique features with a Personal Color 4 Seasons Analysis.
  • Tailored Makeup Coaching: Learn the art of makeup application tailored to your personal color, ensuring you always use the right cosmetics.
  • Fun and Engaging: Our English-speaking staff and seasoned makeup artists with 10 years of experience make learning enjoyable and personalized.
  • Group Bonding: Ideal for 2 to 5 participants, enjoy the class with friends or meet new beauty enthusiasts.

What’s Included:

  • Personal Color 4 Seasons Analysis
  • Recommendation of Suitable Makeup Image
  • Color Cosmetics Check
  • Makeup Coaching
  • English-speaking and Korean-speaking Staff
  • Interpretation Cost

What to Expect:
Unlock the secrets of your personal color, receive tailored makeup guidance, and enjoy a fun and interactive class with our experienced makeup artists. Let us redefine your beauty routine and make every makeup application a masterpiece!

Book now and let your beauty shine with Hongdae Personal Color One Day Make-up Class!

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