Hwadam Forest & Ludencia & Outlet & Gwangmyeong Cave & Dumulmeori – ₩103,800

Price: ₩103,800 per Adult

Join the Adventure! 🌲🎨🛍️

  1. [Join-in] Hwadam Forest & Ludencia & Yeoju Outlet
  • Immerse yourself in the wonders of LG Evergreen Foundation’s Hwadam Forest, where nature’s energy thrives!
  • Explore Ludencia, a European-style theme park offering over a decade of cultural joy and emotion.
  • Shop till you drop at Yeoju Outlet, Korea’s first premium outlet, a haven for fashionistas.
  1. [Join-in] Hwadam Forest & Ludencia & Gwangmyeong Cave
  • Experience the tranquility of Hwadam Forest, transformed into a strawberry-picking haven in winter!
  • Revel in Ludencia’s blend of European culture and breathtaking nature.
  • Embark on an underground adventure at Gwangmyeong Cave, a trip filled with wonder and fun.
  1. [Join-in] Gwangmyeong Cave & Ludencia & Dumulmeori
  • Uncover the mysteries of Gwangmyeong Cave, a fascinating journey beneath the surface.
  • Dive into Ludencia’s artistic haven, where culture and nature harmonize.
  • Visit Dumulmeori, a popular filming location, and enjoy the cool vibes featured in various dramas and movies.
  1. [Private] Hwadam Forest & Ludencia & Yeoju Outlet
  • Create your exclusive adventure, from the serene Hwadam Forest to the chic Yeoju Outlet, all at your pace!
  1. [Private] Hwadam Forest & Ludencia & Gwangmyeong Cave
  • Personalize your day, choosing the charm of Hwadam Forest, Ludencia, and the captivating Gwangmyeong Cave.
  1. [Private] Gwangmyeong Cave & Ludencia & Dumulmeori
  • Craft your unique journey, exploring the wonders of Gwangmyeong Cave, Ludencia, and the iconic Dumulmeori.

What to Expect: 🌿🎭👜

  • LG Evergreen Foundation Hwadam Forest: Connect with nature, breathe in the forest’s energy, and enjoy a serene escape.
  • Yeoju Ludencia: Dive into a decade of cultural richness, blending European art and delightful experiences.
  • Yeoju Outlet: Shop at Korea’s first premium outlet, where fashion dreams come true.
  • Gwangmyeong Cave: Embark on an underground adventure, a journey filled with awe and excitement.
  • Dumulmeori: Visit a famous filming location, a cool spot featured in many dramas and movies.

Make your day memorable with a perfect blend of nature, culture, and shopping! Book your adventure now! 🌟

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