Imshil Saseondae: Embrace the Tranquil Beauty of Spring

Amidst the clear skies of spring, one cannot overlook ‘Imshil’ when embarking on a journey of discovery. Imshil, where time flows gracefully along the Seomjin River and Okjeong Lake, preserving its unique blend of nature and culture. Its name, derived from Chinese characters meaning ‘reliable responsibility’ and ‘fruitful reality,’ reflects the fertile land it boasts. Imshil’s terrain, with its low hills and abundant water, is the result of its geographical features. The renowned specialty product of Imshil, ‘ImshilN Cheese,’ stands as a precious legacy of its dairy farming heritage.

Saseondae, designated as a national tourist destination in December 1985, is a cherished retreat for Imshil locals and a must-visit landmark for tourists nationwide. The name Saseondae translates to ‘a place where four divine beings rest,’ according to historical records. Legend has it that over 2,000 years ago, two divine beings from Mount Unsusan in Imshil and two from Mount Maisan in Jinan were enchanted by the clean and beautiful scenery of the village area and decided to linger there peacefully.

With its grassy expanses and scenic trails complemented by Mount Seongmisasan and the pristine waters of the Seomjin River, Saseondae offers a perfect setting to soak in the essence of spring. The vast grassy square, capable of accommodating over 3,000 visitors, serves as an ideal space for various recreational and social activities. Taking a leisurely stroll along the pathways flanking the Seomjin River, one can’t help but grasp why the divine beings chose this place to linger.

The name ‘Okjeongho’ translates to ‘the river where crows used to play,’ linking back to a legend where crows flew from the heavens to the earth, accompanied by the divine beings. Thanks to the tranquil flow of Okjeongho, Saseondae remains enchanting throughout the seasons. Whether it’s the yellow spring flowers, the verdant summer foliage, the crimson autumn leaves, or the pristine white snow in winter, each season paints its own vivid colors around Okjeongho.

The sculpture park, established near the northern part of the grassy square in 1996 with support from Imshil County, showcases high-quality artworks created by multinational artists who once engaged in artistic activities in Okung-ri Shindeokbun Bridge. Using various materials such as stone, iron, and steel, these sculptures vividly depict the spectrum of human emotions, providing a unique visual treat. Adjacent to the sculpture park is a small playground where children can frolic freely.

Perched atop the hill near Saseondae is ‘Unseoru,’ a space erected in 1928 by Kim Seung-hee in memory of his father, Kim Yang-geun, a local official during the Japanese colonial period. This architectural gem, built in the traditional style of the Joseon Dynasty, offers a panoramic view of the breathtaking landscape of Saseondae.

The Deokcheon-ri Kajimbakdal Grove near Unseoru is a natural monument of ecological significance, owing to the rarity of the Kajimbakdal tree, a species not commonly found in the central and southern regions. The visibility of the Kajimbakdal Grove from Saseondae is attributed to the location of Deokcheon-ri on the southern boundary line. The Kajimbakdal tree blossoms with white flowers in May and bears fruit in September.

Opened in 2012, the Imshil Cheese Theme Park is an experiential theme park where visitors can encounter the essence of Imshil, the birthplace of Korean cheese. Through attractions such as Cheese Castle, Cheese Museum, Theme Hall, Park Hall, Promotion Hall, Cheese Restaurant, Cheese Aging Room, and Livestock Arena, visitors can delve into the 60-year history of Imshil Cheese. Particularly popular are the experiences of making ImshilN Cheese with pure garden milk and crafting rice pizza with generous amounts of Imshil cheese. Depending on the chosen course, participation takes about 30 minutes to an hour, and reservations can be made through the website.

The Jeollabuk-do 119 Safety Experience Center is the largest comprehensive safety experience center in the country, combining education, hands-on experience, and play under the theme of ‘safety.’ Equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, such as the Disaster Experience Hall, Crisis Escape Experience Hall, Children’s Safety Village, Professional Emergency Treatment Education Center, Water Safety Experience Park, and Survival Swimming Education Center, the center educates visitors on how to respond wisely to natural disasters and various safety incidents, presented in a storytelling format tailored to different age groups.

The Bogeo Island Ecological Park (Okjeongho Swaying Bridge) has been enhanced and reopened on March 1st. Okjeongho, created in 1928

as a reservoir to control floods and provide water to farms, boasts an impressive landscape with its beautiful lakes and charming villages. The swaying bridge, which crosses Okjeongho, offers a breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding scenery, drawing in visitors with its unique charm.

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