Jeju Island Photoshoot with Blue Moon – ₩220,000

Price: ₩220,000 per person


Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the nights of Jeju Island with our exclusive photoshoot package. Here’s what awaits you:

  1. Stargazing Excitement:
    Before setting out, immerse yourself in the magic of cloud-filled skies. Follow the stars to the perfect spot, where you’ll witness the celestial beauty of Jeju Island.
  2. Mountain Summit Spectacle:
    Weather permitting, ascend the mountain to witness a breathtaking night view. Capture this extraordinary moment in your life with a stunning photoshoot amidst the twinkling lights of Jeju.
  3. Constellation Connection:
    Recline and gaze at the heavens, as our guides help you identify constellations. Enjoy the tranquility of Jeju’s blue nights under the canvas of stars.
  4. Phone Photography Prowess:
    Learn the art of capturing mesmerizing starry scenes with your cellphone. Our experts will guide you on techniques to ensure you leave with stunning night sky memories.
  5. Dreamlike Evenings with Music:
    As you bask in the dreamlike atmosphere, relish the experience accompanied by enchanting music. Jeju Island’s nights will come alive with a soundtrack that enhances the magic.

Package Options:

  • [Exclusive Shooting] Jeju Island Snap Jeju Night View Snap (For 4 people or less)
  • Quantity: 1 person
  • Price: ₩220,000

What to Expect:
Join our tour for an unforgettable adventure beneath the blue moon. From starry mountains to captivating constellations, capture the essence of Jeju Island at night. Book now on Klook and get ready for a perfect Jeju trip filled with magic and memories!

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