Jeju Island Water Adventure – Explore Hado Sea with Exciting Activities! – ₩ 30,000 ~

1. Triple Thrill Combo (180 mins) – ₩ 45,000 per person

Embark on a 3-in-1 adventure with 1-hour snorkeling, 1-hour sea kayaking, and 1-hour paddleboarding. Dive into the clear waters of Hado Sea, paddle alongside Udo Island, and explore the marine life. Includes equipment rental, safety course, and use of shower facilities.

2. Dynamic Duo Combo (120 mins) – ₩ 30,000 per person

a) Kayaking & Snorkeling Combo
Experience the joy of 1-hour sea kayaking and 1-hour snorkeling with goggles, life jacket, and fins. Enjoy the stunning views and aquatic wonders, all accompanied by a brief safety course and use of shower facilities.

b) Kayaking & SUP Combo
Mix it up with 1-hour sea kayaking and 1-hour stand-up paddleboarding. Glide through the waves, paddle around, and savor the adventure. Includes equipment, safety course, and shower facilities.

3. Individual Adventures

a) Sea Kayaking (60 mins) – ₩ 20,000 per person
Navigate the waves solo with a 1-person sea kayak for 60 minutes. Safety course and shower facilities included for a memorable aquatic experience.

b) Transparent Kayaking (60 mins) – ₩ 15,000 per person
Join a partner for a unique experience in a transparent 2-person kayak. Explore the underwater world as you paddle, guided by a brief safety course and access to shower facilities.

c) Snorkeling (60 mins) – ₩ 25,000 per person
Dive into a 1-hour snorkeling adventure with equipment provided. Discover the vibrant marine life and enjoy the convenience of shower facilities.

d) Stand Up Paddle Boarding (60 mins) – ₩ 25,000 per person
Take on the challenge of stand-up paddleboarding for 60 minutes. Learn the basics with a safety course and enjoy post-adventure showers.

Book now and make waves in the Hado Sea! Dive into the thrill of Jeju’s waters with our exciting water adventure packages. Unleash your inner explorer while creating unforgettable memories.

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