Jeju Sanghyowon Botanical Garden Discount Ticket – ₩5,000 ~


  • Adult (19yrs~): ₩9,000 (Original Price: ₩8,500)
  • Youth (13~18yrs): ₩7,000 (Original Price: ₩5,800)
  • Child (3~12yrs): ₩5,000 (Original Price: ₩4,800)

Escape into the enchanting world of Jeju Sanghyowon Botanical Garden! Explore an 80,000 square meter paradise nestled amidst the beauty of Seogwipo City on the stunning island of Jeju. With breathtaking landscapes, flower festivals showcasing vibrant blooms throughout the year, and an educational experience on Jeju’s unique flora, this botanical garden is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and plant enthusiasts alike.

Why Choose This Attraction?

  • Year-Round Flower Festivals: Experience a kaleidoscope of colors with flower festivals held throughout the year, featuring a variety of blossoms from camellias to tulips to hydrangeas.
  • Spectacular Landscapes: Marvel at the stunning backdrop of Hallasan Mountain and the gentle slope leading to the Seogwipo Sea, creating a picturesque setting for your botanical adventure.
  • Rich Biodiversity: Delve into the diverse world of native Jeju plants, century-old trees, and rare botanical specimens, offering an immersive educational experience on Jeju Island’s unique flora and fauna.

Don’t Miss Out on the Natural Wonders of Jeju Sanghyowon Botanical Garden – Book Your Discount Ticket Now!

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