Korean Culinary Artistry Unveiled: The Splendor of “Gujeolpan”

If anyone has perfectly captured the beauty of Korean cuisine, it would be the author of “Daehji,” Mrs. Pearl Buck. Entranced by the array of colors atop the Gujeolpan, she couldn’t bring herself to disturb the nine vibrant compartments holding a harmonious blend of flavors when the lid was lifted.

What is this enchanting dish that left Mrs. Buck in awe? It’s none other than “Gujeolpan,” a unique Korean delicacy. Gujeolpan is a dish where eight different ingredients are carefully arranged in separate sections, surrounding a central compartment holding miljeonbyeong (thin wheat pancakes) for a delightful dining experience. The beauty lies in the nine primary colors and flavors coming together.

The Origin and History of Gujeolpan

The roots of Gujeolpan trace back to ancient times, with discoveries like the Ojeolpan’s prototype unearthed in the fortress areas of Achasan during the Goguryeo period. While initially associated with ornate craftsmanship, Gujeolpan has evolved, including variations made from pottery, glass, and even silver during different periods.

The Recipe and Symbolism of Number ‘9’

Gujeolpan incorporates the symbolic use of the number ‘9’ in Eastern cultures, representing abundance. The dish symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of nine distinct ingredients, mirroring unity amid diversity. In Korean culture, ‘9’ has long been considered an auspicious number, representing everything and the universe.

Nutritional Harmony of Gujeolpan and the Preparation Process

Gujeolpan achieves a nutritional balance by combining animal and plant-based foods harmoniously. The ratio of animal to plant-based ingredients, approximately 2:8, aligns with optimal nutritional proportions. The preparation involves a meticulous nine-step process, where miljeonbyeong serves as the canvas for a masterpiece of flavors and colors from various ingredients.

Appreciating the Beauty of Korean Cuisine through Gujeolpan

Gujeolpan embodies the principles of Yin and Yang, combining diverse elements for a balanced and nutritious meal. The dish exemplifies the essence of Korean culinary artistry, showcasing the beauty, taste, and nutritional richness that define it as a wellness cuisine.

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