Learn K-pop Dance With BTS/BLACKPINK’s Songs in Sinchon, Seoul (Join-in/Private) – ₩28,900 ~

Join the Groove in the Heart of K-pop

Unleash your inner K-pop star and dance to the electrifying beats of BTS and BLACKPINK in the heart of Seoul! Get ready to groove with talented choreographers who’ve worked with K-pop sensations like Chung Ha, ITZY, and TWICE. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, our friendly instructors will guide you every step of the way.

Why This Class is a Must-Do:

  • Dance Like a Pro: Learn from K-pop choreographers and experienced backup dancers.
  • Behind the Scenes: Hear intriguing K-pop behind-the-scenes stories from our dance experts.
  • Make Memories: Create unforgettable moments with your friends during your Seoul adventure.
  • Choose Your Style: Opt for a join-in class with fellow K-pop enthusiasts or a private session for an intimate experience.
  • Be a Star: Optional green screen video shooting for your very own music video – a fun keepsake!


Basic & Standard Course (Join-in class):

  • Tue & Sun: BLACKPINK songs
  • Thu & Sat: BTS songs

Private Course:

  • Available every day with your choice of K-pop song.


Basic & Standard Course:

  • 3:00pm

Private Course:

  • Every hour on the hour (9:00am – 10:00pm)


  • 60-minute dance class
  • 30-minute video shooting


K-pop Central near Sinchon Station (see map)

Options & Prices:

  • Basic Course
  • Price: ₩28,900 (original ₩33,000)
  • Included: 1-hour dance class, English interpreter, unedited videos & photos, dance class certification
  • Standard Course
  • Price: ₩58,000 (original ₩66,000)
  • Included: 1-hour dance class, English interpreter, edited 20-30 second video & photos, dance class certification
  • Private Course
  • Price: ₩192,300 (original ₩220,000)
  • Included: 1-hour dance class, English interpreter, unedited videos & photos, dance class certification

Add-Ons (Optional):

  • Idol Makeup & Hairstyling (per person)
  • Price: ₩289,000 (original ₩330,000)
  • 1-2 min Music Video Shoot (per person)
  • Price: ₩94,700 (original ₩710,000)
  • Costume & Accessories Rental (per person)
  • Price: ₩19,100 (original ₩22,000)

Additional Information:

  • Same price for both adults and children.
  • Suitable for individuals aged 10 and above, although children under 10 are welcome with some movements adapted.
  • Classes in Korean with an English simultaneous interpreter.
  • Photos and videos delivered to your email within a week.

About the Private Class:

  • Suitable for individuals or groups.
  • Choose your preferred K-pop song for the class.

About the Private Class Add-Ons:

  • Idol Makeup & Hairstyling Option: Professional stylist assistance.
  • 1-2 minute Music Video Shoot Option: Green screen music video with CGI.
  • Costume & Accessories Rental Option: Costume selection and changes, size information will be gathered in advance.

Get Ready to Dance Your Heart Out and Become a K-pop Sensation in Seoul!

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