near Anguk Subway Station – ₩170,000 ~

Welcome to this Guesthouse, a charming hanok nestled in central Seoul, adjacent to the renowned Joongang High School, famously featured in the Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’. Experience the serenity and comfort of traditional Korean hospitality in our newly decorated hanok, where every detail is thoughtfully designed to ensure a memorable stay.

Our guesthouse boasts clean and comfortable rooms with immaculate bathrooms. Enjoy the beauty and convenience of our hanok, highlighted by abundant natural light and luxurious doors that provide warmth during the winter months.

Organic Homemade Breakfast:
Start your day right with our delicious organic homemade breakfast, prepared with care to offer you a taste of authentic Korean flavors.

Convenient Transportation:
Getting to here is hassle-free with various transportation options. From Incheon Airport, take the Air-Limousine Bus 6011 to Anguk Subway Station, followed by a short 10-minute walk to here. Alternatively, from Gimpo Airport, hop on City Bus 601 to Changdeokgung Palace, also followed by a brief 10-minute walk to our guesthouse.

Cultural Experiences:
Immerse yourself in Korean culture with our curated experiences, including traditional tea ceremonies, hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) rentals, and guided tours to nearby cultural landmarks.

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