NEWTRO Art Tour: Media Art Museum & Walking Tour – ₩10,000 ~

  1. Delight Seoul Ticket
  • Price: ₩10,000
  • Summary: Immerse yourself in the past and present of Seoul with the Delight Seoul Ticket! Experience a fascinating journey through time, from the city’s vibrant history 40 years ago to the modern charm of the 21st century. Enjoy the freedom to explore at your own pace, with the flexibility of free cancellation (24-hour notice). Book now for an unforgettable adventure on 2 Mar 2024!
  1. NEWTRO ART Day Tour
  • Price: ₩39,000
  • Summary: Elevate your Seoul experience with the NEWTRO ART Day Tour! Dive into the city’s past and present alongside a knowledgeable guide. This comprehensive package offers a 48-hour confirmation for peace of mind and free cancellation (7-days notice). Explore the captivating transformation of Seoul on 8 Mar 2024! Don’t miss out on the ultimate blend of history, art, and futuristic vibes – book your spot now for ₩39,000!

Discover the soul of Seoul like never before – where the past meets the future in a mesmerizing journey through art and time!

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