Online Grocery Delivery Service: Vegan Delights (Receive by next day 8:00 AM) – ₩6,400 ~

Welcome to Vegan Delights: Your Hassle-Free Online Grocery Delivery Service in Korea!

Discover Trazy Exclusive Vegan Goodies with Next Day 8:00 AM Delivery

Basic Information:

  • Availability: Every day, until 5:00 PM
  • Minimum Pax: 1 Person
  • Booking: Instant Confirmation
  • Ticket: Show on your mobile
  • Included: Vegan Foods
  • Delivery Fee: ₩3,000
  • Service Charge: ₩3,000

Select Your Vegan Delights:

  1. Whole Wheat Toast Bread (220g)
  • Price: ₩6,400
  • Start your day right with our wholesome, fiber-rich toast!
  1. Fig Campagne Bread (500g/loaf)
  • Price: ₩10,400
  • Elevate your brunch with the exquisite flavor of fig-infused campagne bread.
  1. Vegan Vegetable Mandu (1.05g)
  • Price: ₩14,000
  • Indulge in savory dumplings bursting with a delightful blend of vegetables.
  1. Oat Milk Original (1000ml/carton)
  • Price: ₩8,000
  • Creamy and versatile, perfect for your morning coffee or cereal.
  1. Vegan Plain Bagel (110g*4)
  • Price: ₩9,700
  • Unleash your creativity with these chewy, flavorful bagels – a breakfast favorite!
  1. Hummus Variety (150g)
  • Price: ₩8,000 each
  • Choose from Original, Black Olive, Roasted Garlic, or Cumin & Coriander. A tasty spread for any occasion!
  1. Vegan Chocolate Madlen
  • Price: ₩12,000
  • Treat yourself to the perfect balance of chocolatey goodness in every bite.

Why Choose Vegan Delights?

  • 🌱 Quality Vegan Options: From delightful pastries to savory dumplings, we’ve got your vegan cravings covered.
  • Swift Next-Day Delivery: Receive your order by 8:00 AM, ensuring freshness at your doorstep.
  • 🛒 Convenient Online Booking: Hassle-free booking process with instant confirmation – just a few clicks away!
  • 💰 Transparent Pricing: Clear breakdown of prices, with a minimal delivery fee and service charge.

Experience the Joy of Vegan Living with Vegan Delights! Book Now and Elevate Your Plant-Based Lifestyle!

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