Pohang Travel Destinations in Korean Drama: Visit in person!

Do you want to experience the spectacular scenes in Korean dramas? Pohang is a place that will make such a dream come true. The beautiful scenery and romance seen in Korean dramas are in Pohang. This article introduces Pohang travel destinations for Korean drama fans, and provides information on how to visit them and related information.

Homigot Beach, the most romantic beach

Homigot Beach, one of Pohang’s representative drama filming locations, often appears in Korean dramas. Experience the beautiful sea scenery, scenery, and the scene of walking hand in hand under the moonlight. Also, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of enjoying the sunrise at Homigot Lighthouse.

Daeam Coastal Road, a set of Korean dramas

Daeam Coastal Road was used as a filming location for many Korean dramas and movies. Here, you can relax and experience healing by listening to the sound of the waves like the main character in the drama.

The taste of Pohang. Pohang sashimi

One of the traditional Korean foods that I learned from Korean dramas, sashimi, is especially famous in Pohang. Enjoy fresh seafood at the market in Pohang and taste the raw fish dishes that the main characters in the Korean drama ate.

accommodation in Pohang

There are various accommodations in Pohang. You can choose hotels, guesthouses, pensions, etc., so you can choose accommodations according to your travel style.

Tips for visiting Pohang

The most convenient way to get to Pohang is by high-speed train or bus.
Visit the local tourist information center or check the relevant website to get information on where to film in Korean dramas.
Visit Pohang to experience the spectacular scenes in Korean dramas and make those beautiful moments into your own story. Pohang is a place that will make your drama trip a reality. Korean Drama Tour for Foreigners, Start in Pohang!

I invite all of you who love Korean dramas to Pohang. Pohang is waiting for you with picturesque scenery and interesting experiences. Make the story in the drama a reality and explore Pohang deeper. Choose Pohang as the perfect place to enjoy local culture and scenery!


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