Recommend great places and activities to enjoy in Daegu in the fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in Daegu, and it is a time when the autumn leaves are colorful and everywhere in the city is colored golden. In this blog post, I will introduce wonderful places and recommended activities for foreigners traveling to Daegu in the fall.

1. Apsan Natural Recreation Forest
Apsan Natural Recreation Forest is the best place to enjoy autumn foliage in Daegu. Various kinds of maple trees are colored with gold to give beautiful scenery here. You can enjoy the time in harmony with nature while breathing fresh air while walking along the trail of the Apsan Natural Recreation Forest. There is also a tracking course and a bicycle path, so you can enjoy nature and exercise together.

2. E-World
E-World is the most famous theme park in Daegu, where you can enjoy various rides and theme zones even in the fall. This place is known for its beautiful autumn leaves and its night view is known for its fantastic night view. E-World, which shines with fantastic lighting and autumn leaves, offers the most beautiful night view at night. You can enjoy various performances and events as well as rides, so make sure to visit.

3. Kim Kwang-seok Bridge
Kim Kwang-seok Bridge is one of Daegu’s representative attractions, and in autumn, you can enjoy a wonderful night view from the bridge. The Kim Kwang-seok Bridge along the riverside of Daegu shines with fantastic lighting at night, and the night view of Daegu from the bridge will be an unforgettable experience. If you want to make a romantic moment with your loved one, I recommend Kim Kwang-seok’s legs.

4. Seomun Market
If you want to experience local food and culture while traveling in Daegu, make sure to visit Seomun Market. In autumn, the market is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods with the scent of autumn. Enter the lives of locals, taste various foods and experience Daegu’s colorful culture. Also, there are small shops around the market where you can see traditional crafts and unique props.

5. Daegu Modern Alleyway
Daegu Modern Alleyway is a place where historical buildings and historic shops are gathered, and in autumn, the streets are colored golden, giving a beautiful scenery. If you walk along the alley, you can meet various cafes, restaurants, and craft workshops, so you can feel the unique atmosphere of Daegu. It will also be a good memory to take a walk in the modern alleyway while drinking hot drinks in accordance with the fall weather.

So far, I have introduced you to great places and recommended activities for foreigners who travel to Daegu in the fall. Enjoy various experiences with the beauty of autumn leaves and have a good time in Daegu. Have a good trip!

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