Recommendation Seoul cafes in Spring

Hey travelers exploring Seoul! Let me introduce you to some special spots for a unique date experience amidst the beautiful spring blooms. We’re talking about 4 charming cafes adorned with lovely white magnolias, perfect for enjoying a romantic time together.

First up is ‘Conhas Hannam Branch’. Situated between Hangangjin Station and Itaewon Station, this cafe, converted from a house, exudes a cozy atmosphere. What steals the show here is the magnolia tree in the courtyard. Through KStay, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Korean spring while gazing at the Hangang River.

Next, let’s talk about ‘Gong Tilde Tooleria’. Located on Dosan-daero in Gangnam-gu, this place operates as both a brunch cafe and a wine bar, offering vibes for both day and night. Especially by the end of March, the blooming magnolias in the courtyard create a breathtaking scenery. Through KStay, explore Gong Tilde Tooleria and soak in the essence of spring.

Moving on to ‘Silantro Coffee’. Nestled along Cheonho-daero in Gwangjin-gu, this cafe boasts an antique atmosphere, with the magnolia tree in the courtyard stealing the spotlight. Through KStay, visit this cafe near Children’s Grand Park and indulge in the full spring experience.

Last but not least is ‘Beans Road Sangbong Branch’. Located on Bonghwasan-ro in Jungnang-gu, this cafe, transformed from a residential space, offers a cozy ambiance. By the end of March, the courtyard blooms with magnolias, blending with the white-painted walls for a picturesque scene. With KStay, embrace the beauty of spring in Seoul at Beans Road Sangbong Branch.

Experience the charm of Seoul’s springtime magnolias with KStay. These delightful cafes await to be part of your special date. Let’s make some unforgettable memories together!

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