Revitalize Your Senses with Yeo Yong Guk Spa in Seoul – ₩122,400

Price: ₩ 122,400 (YeoYong S Package for 1 person, 70 minutes)

Unwind at Yeo Yong Guk Spa – a top 25 wellness spot in Korea! Indulge in a 70-minute escape tailored just for you, blending ancient Korean medicine with modern relaxation.

Why Yeo Yong Guk Spa?

  • Quick physical analysis for personalized treatments.
  • Customized spa packages with natural medicinal plants.
  • Total wellness tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Available Packages:

  1. YeoYong S Package (70 minutes): ₩ 122,400 for 1 person
    Your personalized 70-minute retreat.
  2. YeoYong Premium Care (90 minutes): [Price not specified]
    Extended 90-minute premium relaxation.
  3. [Facial + Body] YeoYong & Yeosin (160 minutes): [Price not specified]
    Luxurious 160-minute spa indulgence.
  4. YeoYong Scalp Special (80 minutes): [Price not specified]
    Revitalize with an 80-minute scalp treatment.
  5. [Facial + Body] YeoYong & Yeosin (120 minutes): [Price not specified]
    Balanced 120-minute facial and body rejuvenation.

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Select your package and date. Immerse yourself in the best of Korean traditional medicine at Yeo Yong Guk Spa – where relaxation meets revitalization!

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