Seoul Hair Salon in Myeongdong (Park Jun Beauty Lab) – ₩50,000

Hair Cut & Scalp Scaling – ₩50,000
Experience a transformative session including a stylish haircut, invigorating wash, impeccable styling, and a soothing scalp scaling. Elevate your look while treating your hair and scalp with utmost care.

Hair Coloring – Short: ₩120,000 | Medium: ₩150,000 | Long: ₩180,000
Dive into a world of vibrant hues! Our expert stylists will not only color your hair but also provide a luxurious wash and a flawless styling, leaving you with a dazzling new look.

Perm – Short: ₩150,000 | Medium: ₩180,000 | Long: ₩210,000
Embrace curls that define your style. Enjoy a professional perm, along with a precision haircut, refreshing wash, and a chic styling for that perfect bounce and texture.

Men’s Perm – ₩100,000
Gents, revitalize your look with a modern perm! This package includes a tailored haircut, refreshing wash, and expert styling for a confident and stylish appearance.

Semi Scalp Clinic – ₩70,000
Treat your scalp to a rejuvenating experience! Indulge in a nourishing shampoo, treatment, and a soothing scalp massage for revitalized hair and scalp health.

Full Scalp Clinic – ₩120,000
Immerse yourself in a comprehensive scalp care session. Enjoy scalp scaling, nourishing shampoo, treatment, massage, hair root strengthening, and more for a revitalized and healthy scalp.

Max Scalp Treatment – ₩180,000
Embark on the ultimate hair and scalp pampering journey! From a microscopic scalp diagnosis to a relaxing massage, exfoliating oil massage, and a variety of nourishing treatments, this session is a holistic experience for luxurious hair growth and health.

Step into Park Jun Beauty Lab Myeongdong for a delightful blend of style, luxury, and personalized care. Elevate your beauty journey with us!

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