Seoul Moonlight Walking Tour with Local Historian – ₩33,000

Price: ₩ 33,000 (20% off for a limited time!)

Embark on a mesmerizing Seoul Moonlight Walking Tour with our charismatic local historian! This isn’t just a stroll – it’s a journey through hidden gems, untold stories, and breathtaking nightscapes. Get ready for a unique blend of culture, history, and fun that will transform your evening into an unforgettable adventure.


  1. Seoul National University – Discover the Soul of Education:
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant university culture of Korea’s top-ranked institution. Uncover the traditions and experiences that shape the academic heartbeat of Seoul.
  1. Maronie Park – Where Culture Takes Center Stage:
  • Step into the cultural hub known for live shows and theaters. Experience the artistic pulse of Seoul in a setting that transcends ordinary entertainment.
  1. Dragon Statue – Seoul’s Capital Tale Unveiled:
  • Unravel the story behind Seoul becoming the capital as you stand before the impressive Dragon Statue. It’s not just a sculpture; it’s a symbol of the city’s remarkable journey.
  1. Ehwa Mural Village – Histories and Harmony:
  • Explore the intriguing narratives and conflicts of this unassuming village. Uncover the layers of history and resilience in a place that may not be wealthy but is rich in stories.
  1. Hanyang City Wall & Naksan Park – Monumental Beauty Under Moonlight:
  • Ascend to the stunning Hanyang City Wall in Naksan Park, where the night unveils Seoul’s enchanting skyline. Marvel at the city’s sparkling lights as we share stories and history along the way.

Package Options:

  • Seoul Moonlight Walking Tour (₩ 33,000)
  • Departure [18:00] or [17:30]

What to Expect:
Join us for the best night walking tour with our expert historian. Expect more than just sights – anticipate fantastic night views, cultural insights, and a sprinkle of fun history that will make your Seoul experience truly exceptional. Be prepared for a perfect sunset and a whole new perspective on the beauty of Seoul at night.

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