Seoul’s Winter Wonderland Hiking Extravaganza – ₩ 110,000 ~


  • 1 Person (18 yrs~): ₩ 150,000
  • 2 Persons: ₩ 120,000 each
  • 3 Persons: ₩ 110,000 each

Why Choose This Thrilling Adventure?

  1. Explore Hidden Trails: Embark on a winter hiking journey with a local mountain expert, discovering lesser-known paths.
  2. Gear Up for Success: No need to invest in specialized winter gear; it’s all provided for you.
  3. Tailor Your Experience: Customize your tour to your preferences upon request.

What’s Included:

  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Crampons
  • Optional GoPro footage for capturing your epic moments

Tour Highlights:

  • Traverse frozen streams and snowy passes on the way to the iconic Baegundae Peak.
  • Experience the challenge of slippery slopes and breathtaking views.
  • Revel in the beauty of frozen waterfalls along a secluded valley.
  • Capture your adventure with optional GoPro footage.

Important Details:

  • Price for the adventure includes the English-speaking guide, essential gear, and optional GoPro footage.
  • Children under 18 cannot join this tour.
  • Participants should have some prior hiking experience due to the difficulty level.
  • Additional expenses: ₩2,000 for the taxi ride to the hike’s starting point and ₩1,000 for the taxi fare down.
  • What to bring: Warm socks, pants, shirts, heat tech, winter jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, heat packs, water, warm drinks, snacks.
  • Don’t forget ₩3,000 for the taxi fare.

Seize the opportunity to conquer Seoul’s winter wonderland and create unforgettable memories on this thrilling hiking adventure!

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