Super Wings Jamsil: Playground – Korean Experiences for Kids – ₩18,800

Price: ₩18,800 (Child 2-12) / ₩4,700 (Adult)

Embark on an adventure at the Super Wings Kids Cafe in Jamsil Lotte Mart, a vibrant playground inspired by the popular kids’ animation series. Here, your children will discover a world of excitement with a variety of activities that cater to their every interest.


  1. All-In-One Fun: From energetic movements to thrilling games, Super Wings Jamsil brings together everything children love in one dynamic space.
  2. Safety First: Our dedicated and experienced staff ensure that your kids play safely and joyfully, providing you peace of mind.
  3. Parental Delight: Parents have the option to either join in the playtime with their children or relax in the cafe within the facility, enjoying leisure time. Children can freely move between the play area and the cafe, fostering a sense of connection.
  4. Café Convenience: While the little ones are busy playing, parents can indulge in simple drinks and snacks offered at the cafe. It’s a perfect blend of family time and relaxation.
  5. Shopping Extravaganza: Take advantage of your visit by exploring Lotte Mart located on the lower floor, allowing parents to shop while their kids are immersed in play.

Package Inclusions:

  • Trampoline Zone
  • Motion Trampoline
  • Fishing Zone
  • Playground Zone
  • Hand Cart Racing Zone
  • VR Zone
  • Water Shooting Zone
  • Driving Game Zone
  • Zipline Zone

Book now for tomorrow at ₩18,800 and create lasting memories for your children in this magical world of play!

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