the tranquility of our location beneath Bukhansan Mountain

Welcome to the guesthouse, a charming guesthouse nestled beneath the picturesque Bukhansan Mountain. Our traditional hanok, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, provides a serene and inviting atmosphere for a memorable stay. Whether with family, friends, or a loved one, we strive to ensure you have a fantastic time. Capture unforgettable moments at our beautiful photo spots, and experience the essence of a hanok with traditional bedding sets, furnishings, and bathrooms.

Our guesthouse offers cozy and comfortable accommodations, featuring a variety of room options to suit your preferences. Enjoy the beauty of our shared courtyard and take advantage of photo-worthy settings throughout the premises. We provide amenities such as organic homemade breakfast, Wi-Fi, TV, heating and cooling systems, and a communal kitchen equipped with cooking facilities.

Organic Homemade Breakfast:
Start your day with a delightful organic homemade breakfast, carefully prepared to provide a taste of Korean hospitality and culture.

Convenient Transportation:
While parking is available at a fee in a nearby public parking lot (Eunpyeong Hanmun Culture Public Parking Lot), we also offer convenient delivery and reservation services to enhance your overall experience.

Cultural Experiences:
Immerse yourself in the rich cultural atmosphere with the traditional hanok setting, providing an authentic Korean experience. Feel the warmth of hanbok, traditional Korean attire, and explore cultural activities during your stay.

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