Tongyeong Adventure Day – ₩106,000

Price: ₩106,000 per person


  1. Fresh Seafood at Jungang Market: Dive into Tongyeong’s rich history with nearly 400 years of fresh seafood tradition at Jungang Market.
  2. Dongpirang Murals: Explore the charming Dongpirang Village, a visual treat with captivating murals on every wall.
  3. Hallyeosudo Cable Car: Take the longest cable car ride in Korea (1,975m) for stunning bird’s eye views of Tongyeong Port.
  4. Skyline Luge Thrill: Experience South Korea’s only Skyline Luge, a thrilling adventure for the daring.

Why Choose This Tour?

Perfect for adventure seekers and food lovers, our Tongyeong Day Tour promises a day of excitement and flavor.

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