Tongyeong Day & Night Small Group Tour – from Daegu – ₩155,000

Price Options:

  • Course A: ₩155,000 per person
  • Course B: ₩155,000 per person

Discover the enchanting coastal city of Tongyeong, often referred to as “The Naples of Korea,” on our hassle-free, full-day guided tour. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this artistic hub, where creativity and natural beauty converge. Here’s what you can expect on this captivating journey.

  1. Explore the Sky: Ride the longest cable car in Korea, spanning a breathtaking 1,975 meters, and soak in panoramic vistas of Tongyeong’s picturesque landscapes.
  2. Street Art Extravaganza: Wander through the Dongpirang mural village, renowned for its stunning wall art and captivating ocean views, a true visual feast.
  3. Digital Wonderland: As night descends, be dazzled by Dpirang, an innovative digital technology theme park adorned with mesmerizing lights and digital graphics. It’s a nighttime adventure like no other.
  4. Waterfront Wonders: Hop on a serene marine taxi for a 50-minute nocturnal tour, gliding past Tongyeong’s landmarks illuminated under the night sky.

Why Choose This Tour:

  • Tongyeong, the birthplace of many celebrated artists, offers an inspiring backdrop for your adventure.
  • With all-inclusive features like transportation, English-speaking tour guide, and entrance fees, you can relax and focus on enjoying your experience.
  • Discover Gangguan Port’s transformation into a charming public recreational space.
  • Dpirang’s magical lights and digital graphics create a mesmerizing atmosphere.
  • The marine taxi night tour promises a unique and memorable perspective of Tongyeong after dark.

Join us for this exciting Tongyeong Day & Night Small Group Tour and make unforgettable memories in “The Naples of Korea”!

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