Traditional Korean Gold Leaf Art Painting Class in Gangnam, Seoul (+ Acrylic / Watercolor painting options) – ₩50,000 ~

Gold Leaf Art Painting Class
Price: ₩80,000 per person

Dive into the enchanting world of traditional Korean artistry with our Gold Leaf Art Painting Class! Discover the magic of pure gold as you learn the intricate techniques of imprinting onto canvas. Feel the heritage come alive in your hands as you create stunning masterpieces using 100% pure gold. With expert guidance and premium materials, unleash your creativity and take home a piece of timeless elegance.

Acrylic Painting Option
Price: ₩70,000 per person

Explore your artistic flair with vibrant acrylic paints in our Acrylic Painting Option! Let your imagination run wild as you craft captivating botanical scenes or any other design that inspires you. With professional-grade materials and a cozy studio atmosphere, immerse yourself in a world of color and expression.

Watercolor Painting Option
Price: ₩50,000 per person

Indulge in the gentle beauty of watercolor painting with our Watercolor Painting Option! Dive into a serene journey of creativity as you blend colors and capture the essence of nature on paper. With a frame included to display your artwork proudly, experience the therapeutic joy of painting with watercolors in the heart of Seoul’s artistic hub.

Join us for a memorable artistic adventure and unlock the artist within you! Choose your preferred medium and book your spot now to embark on a journey of inspiration and discovery.

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