Unlock Your Style at Franck Provost Myeongdong – Premium Hair Experience – ₩30,000 ~

Price: ₩30,000 ~

Indulge in a premium hairstyling experience at Franck Provost Myeongdong, the first Korean store of Europe’s top hair franchise with over 2,800 franchises worldwide. Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty using the latest techniques, styles, and trends, blending French elegance with Korean innovation.

Package Options:

  1. Cut Package
  2. Cut + Color + Clinic + Styling
  3. Cut + Perm + Clinic + Styling
  4. K-Style Daily Hair + Makeup
  5. [Foreigners Only] Head and Hair SPA
  6. Styling Only


  • Man – Hair Wash & Styling
  • Woman – Hair Wash & Styling

What to Expect:
Franck Provost Myeongdong is not just a salon; it’s a trendsetting hub where your hair dreams come to life. Our talented stylists offer personalized 1:1 consultations to ensure your satisfaction. Choose from a range of packages tailored to your preferences, from cuts to perms, colors, and more. Experience the epitome of luxury in the heart of Myeongdong – because your satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities.

Unlock your style, embrace the fusion of French and Korean beauty, and leave Franck Provost Myeongdong with not just a hairstyle but a statement.

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