Walak Guesthouse, Jeju


Welcome to Walak Guesthouse.
Walak is a place that may occasionally have some noise, but overall, it has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. We don’t have barbecues or parties, and we strictly observe lights out at 11 PM. We maintain a quiet environment where you can rest comfortably, gaze at the stars on clear nights, take life photos, and enjoy a relaxing time.

If you’re looking for a place to drink and party, we kindly ask you to consider other options. We welcome guests who can adhere to our guesthouse rules.

Room Types:

  • Twin Room for 2 persons
  • Couple Room with Twin Bed or Single Bed
  • Triple Room
  • 4-Person Dormitory
  • 2-Person Dormitory

About Walak:
We’ve been operating since June 2014, located on the border of Sehwa-ri and Pyeongdae-ri, in the eastern village of Jeju Island. Our guesthouse offers a spacious common area with a view of beautiful Sehwa Port and the majestic Darangshi Oreum (hill). We also have an attic filled with over a thousand novels and comic books. The unique duplex architecture provides a spacious and refreshing atmosphere.

At Walak, you can have light conversations over a beer, read books, and enjoy a tranquil atmosphere. While we don’t host formal parties, we encourage guests to have self-organized gatherings. We don’t offer barbecue parties, but we do stargazing and night photography sessions.

Location and Nearby Attractions:
Walak is conveniently located for both public transportation and walking travelers. It’s suitable for those who want to explore the island or simply relax and unwind.

Nearby attractions include Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Udo Island, Seopjikoji, Aqua Planet, Bijarim Forest, Woljeongri Beach, Hamdeok Beach, Yongnuni Oreum, Darangshi Oreum, Rail Bike, Manjanggul Cave, Maze Land, Kimnyoung Maze Park, and more, all within a 20-minute drive.

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