Wangbijip – Myeongdong Culinary Delight – ₩18,000 ~

Why Indulge at Wangbijip?

Step into the heart of Seoul near Myeongdong Station and discover the culinary wonders of Wangbijip. Renowned for its exquisite charcoal-grilled offerings, this restaurant seamlessly blends modern Korean aesthetics with a mouthwatering selection of meats.

Menu Selections:

1. Charcoal-grilled Pork Belly (150g)

  • Unleash your taste buds with the tantalizing flavors of perfectly grilled pork belly.
  • Price: ₩18,000

2. Grilled Korean Beef Sirloin (140g)

  • Savor the richness of Korean beef sirloin, expertly grilled to perfection.
  • Price: ₩45,000

3. Grilled Jumbo Marinated Galbi (250g)

  • Delight in the generous portions of marinated galbi, a culinary masterpiece.
  • Price: ₩43,000

How to Savor the Experience:

Redemption Guidelines:

  • Location: Wangbijip (Myeongdong Main store)
  • Address: 26, Myeongdong 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11:30-22:00
  • Last Order Time: 21:00
  • Break Time: 14:00-16:30
  • Reservations: Accepted during 10:00-13:30, ensuring a seamless dining experience.

Note: Due to its popularity, the restaurant operates without secure seating, and there may be a short wait during peak hours.

Why Wait? Treat Yourself at Wangbijip Today!

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