Wild Wild Musical Seoul Ticket – ₩53,900 ~


  1. Obstructed View Seat – ₩60,000/person
  • Book now for 8 Mar 2024
  1. R Seat – ₩66,000/person
  • Book now for tomorrow
  1. WILD Seat – 30% off, Now ₩53,900/person
  • Book now for tomorrow
  • Save ₩23,100
  1. WILD WILD Seat – 20% off, Now ₩79,200/person
  • Book now for tomorrow
  • Save ₩19,800
  1. WILD EVENT Seat – ₩125,000/person
  • Book now for 17 Mar 2024

Ladies, brace yourselves for an unforgettable night of dreams and deviance! Step into the extraordinary world of “Wild Wild: After Party,” a mind-blowing musical curated exclusively for adventurous women aged 19 and above.

What to Expect:
Immerse yourself in the fantastical realms of ‘Wild Wild Fantastic Nightmare,’ a groundbreaking show directed by the talented Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls. This unique performance promises to turn your wildest fantasies into a mesmerizing reality, unleashing the Pandora’s box hidden in your heart.

Get ready for a night of escapade and excitement, where every seat offers a front-row experience to the enchanting spectacle. Choose your desired package, secure your spot, and let the magic unfold!

Why Attend?

  • Unleash your dreams and indulge in one-night deviance.
  • An exclusive show crafted for women seeking a fantastic escape.
  • Directed by Narsha, offering a delicate touch and rich sensibility.
  • Intriguing themes to satisfy the fantasy cravings of every woman.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience a show that transcends the ordinary and transforms your dreams into fantastic nightmares. Book your tickets now for a night you’ll never forget!

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