WOWPASS: Your All-in-One Travel Buddy – ₩5,000

Price: ₩5,000

Experience Korea with WOWPASS – The Ultimate Convenience Card!


  1. Currency Magic: Top up in 16 currencies at a great rate.
  2. Cashless Ease: Pay anywhere like a local with the WOWPASS debit card.
  3. Free Tmoney: Your bonus transportation card for subways, buses, and taxis.
  4. Easy Redemption: Get your card with an open date, simple passport scan, and voucher code.
  5. Instant Confirmation: Quick confirmation and free cancellation add peace of mind.
  6. Flexible Booking: Choose open dates that suit your travel plans.


  • All-in-One Solution: Currency exchange, cashless payments, and public transport in one card.
  • No More Cash Hassles: Embrace Korea’s credit card trend effortlessly.
  • Easy Top-Up: 90+ machines in subways, hotels, and airports.
  • Mobile App Access: Track your balance and transactions on the go.

Don’t Miss Out! Grab Your WOWPASS Now for ₩5,000!

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