Yeonsinnae Station, with a 3-minute walk

Escape to the tranquility of this guesthouse, a beautifully crafted modern hanok with stunning views of Bukhansan and Masilgil Park. Immerse yourself in the meticulous artistry of human cultural heritage, featuring traditional Korean materials like hanji, white clay, and pine wood. Hosted with care, this accommodation invites you to leave behind the ordinary and embrace moments of serenity.

Discover the elegance of this guesthouse’s rooms:

  • 운유루 (Ounyuru): A cozy 2-person room with a balcony and Hino-kitang bath.
  • 하심채 (Hasimchae): A family room with a main bedroom, spacious hall, tea room, and a sauna-equipped stone bath.
  • Enjoy a brunch-style breakfast prepared with the host’s dedication.

Organic Homemade Breakfast:
Indulge in a brunch-style breakfast prepared with organic, locally-sourced ingredients, fostering a wholesome start to your day.

Convenient Transportation:
Explore the convenience of location:

  • Easily accessible by subway and bus from Guui Station or Yeonsinnae Station, with a 3-minute walk from Hana High School Bus Stop.
  • On-site parking available for guests.

Cultural Experiences:
Enhance your stay with cultural activities:

  • Meditation and tea ceremonies for a true hanok relaxation experience.
  • Explore the nearby Bukhansan and wetland park for a touch of nature.
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